Naming a Sheep after Concussion:When Milliseconds Matter

Concussions can be pretty uncomfortable injuries. Your head hurts. Your body often hurts. Sometimes you’re very sensitive to light and sound. Often, people who have had a concussion feel “foggy” or “fuzzy” for the first few weeks, when they are aware that something about the way they’re thinking is just not quite right. As recommendations … Continue reading Naming a Sheep after Concussion:When Milliseconds Matter

Shaggy black and white dog looking at the camera with owner in the foreground

What Dogs Can Teach Us About Language

For centuries, researchers have been fascinated by the evolution and development of language. How did humans develop the ability to utilize complex language when no other species have? What is it that makes humans unique? One possibility is that the location of language processing in the left hemisphere of our brains allows for the development … Continue reading What Dogs Can Teach Us About Language

Neuroplasticity in Children

How does the brain change as children grow, and what does this mean for children who experience brain injury? While individuals demonstrate high variability, the young brain is fundamentally different than the adult brain, both in form and in function. Development occurs in different regions at different rates, influenced by the interaction of inheritance, maturation, and … Continue reading Neuroplasticity in Children